Classified Senate


Classified Senate

Classified senates are professional participatory groups representing classified staff in organizational governance. (4CS).

Senates in the state of California help promote the interests of all district-wide classified employees in accordance with AB 1725, SB 235, and AB 2558. It enables us to fully participate in the process of achieving the goals and mission of the college and promote a successful learning environment for our students. It’s about providing more opportunities for classified to participate in shared governance at our campus on a consultative level. Classified Senates represent Classified Professionals on matters that are outside the scope of collective bargaining, grievances and contract negotiations. The AFT Union, LBCC6108, is solely responsible for these important functions.

Classified Professionals in Community Colleges in California who have both Unions and Senates are stronger when both groups exist and work together.

Why? Every individual is responsible for creating a work environment we are proud of. We can create a campus where we enjoy working and students enjoy learning, a friendly and efficient experience for all. Through a Classified Senate, we can engage each other, get involved, work together in shared governance and help move our college towards this goal.

When? Why not now? While there have been improvements in recent years in communication and engagement, LBCC still faces the challenge of making the campus feel like our college and not just a place we earn a paycheck. Let’s add our voice and be part of the solution by engaging in the planning and critical decision-making process.