Domains of Service
How we help students face personal challenges



Clinical Services

Using a time-limited model, mental health clinicians and trainees provide the following services to enrolled students: short-term individual therapy & consultation services, crisis intervention & management, psychoeducational workshops & therapy groups, referral cases management (e.g. linkage to community partners), and resource support (food insecurities, housing insecurities, etc.)


We serve our campus with various outreach and programming efforts such as mental health screening, presentations on health issues, and hosting events and fairs to inform the community. Our outreach efforts focus to increase student access and awareness of the services we provide, build resilience, and reduce the stigma associated with mental health.

While we provide some consultation to faculty and staff, the focus is on student concerns.

Community Partners

We maintain and continue to increase our collaborations efforts with campus departments and community partners. We also host community-building events such as networking events, agency tours, and resource fairs to increase direct access to students.


We focus on prevention and awareness in our campus community through the Healthy Viking Initiative. With our outreach efforts, we have increased our marketing efforts and collaborated with different campus departments and student organizations.


We provide limited in-service training by request in addition to the safety workshops offered every semester.


We perform daily operation and manage various logistics to maintain the above service domains. We also manage grants received and use data analysis to enhance our services based on campus, local, and national trends.