Why are there mental health services on campus?

Discussing personal situations with friends, family, and others can be helpful, but sometimes these people care so much about your well-being that they become over-involved and lose their objectivity. The Mental Health Services staff may offer a different perspective and help develop new strategies and solutions.

Are most people who seek mental health services crazy?

Certainly not! Most students who come to the office desire personal growth and are responding to changes in their lives. Contrary to old-fashioned beliefs, the staff views the seeking of professional assistance as a sign of personal strength.

Who are the students who come for Mental Health services?

Students utilizing our services reflect the diversity of LBCC. Thus, we see a broad spectrum of ages, gender, sexual orientation, races, ethnic groups and at every level of academic standing.

What kinds of concerns do students come in with?

  • Feelings such as depression, anxiety, anger, loneliness, low self-esteem or hopelessness.
  • Relationships with parents, spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, teachers or classmates.
  • Behaviors like eating habits, aggressive or substance abuse.
  • Academic situations like test anxiety, procrastination, time management, educational adjustment or career development.

What about services for my significant other or family member?

Student Health Services offers short-term individual therapy only. Only students currently attending classes at LBCC are eligible for services. Referrals to appropriate community resources can be offered.

How do I qualify for services?

If you are currently enrolled attending classes this semester and you have paid your student health fee, you are eligible for services. If it is before the current semester begins or after it ends, you have graduated, or if you withdraw from your classes, you are not eligible for services.