Participatory Governance


​Participatory governance at Long Beach City College is a college-wide process that recognizes the right and responsibility of all faculty, staff, administrators and students to participate in decision making processes at the college. 

The participatory governance structure provides opportunities for all constituent groups to contribute justified and thoughtful recommendations on matters pertaining to policies and regulations, planning, and accreditation.

Long Beach City College’s participatory governance philosophy embraces the diverse perspectives and backgrounds of all constituent group members. 

The College’s philosophy recognizes that while ultimate decisions lie with the Board of Trustees and Superintendent-President, the College is grounded in the core belief that decisions are richer and better informed by the collective wisdom of constituent groups working together through participatory governance.

Representation Matters

The Classified Senate shall represent the Classified Employees of Long Beach City College with regard to governance and decision-making, and on matters that are not related to collective bargaining and contract negotiations, and contribute to the campus community and student success.​

Classified Senates are professional participatory groups representing classified employees in organizational and participatory governance.

Senates in the state of California help promote the interests of all district-wide classified employees in accordance with AB1725 mandates. This enables Classified Employees to fully participate in the process of achieving the goals and mission of the college and help promote a successful learning environment for our students. Senates should provide more opportunities for classified employees to participate in participatory governance at our campus on a consultative level. Classified Senates represent Classified Employees on matters that are outside the scope collective bargaining, grievances and contract negotiations.

LBCC Shared Governance Structure

Below is a list of the main committees and taskforces at the College. Click on the links to see the charge and membership for each. Guests are always welcome to attend meetings. You can also view previous agenda and minutes on Board Docs through the Viking Portal. Regular meetings are held each semester. See the internal calendar for a list of dates. Meetings are currently being held via Zoom. Contact one of the co/tri-chairs for a link to the meeting you wish to attend.

College Planning Council and other Committees

Whose Voice is Being Heard?

While guests can attend any of these meetings, only representatives from the different constituent groups can make suggestions and vote on items. This is why having Classified employees on these committees is so important. We bring a unique and important perspective to discussions about college policies and how to effectively communicate information to staff and students. The Classified Senate and Classified Union representatives perform two different roles as part of a committee membership. While Classified Union representatives are there to look out for the interests of classified employees as decisions and policies pertain to working conditions, safety and workload, Classified Senate representative are there to speak to how decisions will affect classified and provide suggestions from the classified perspective. 

Below is a list of the current representatives on each of these committees and taskforces. If you have a specific interest or topic that you wish to bring forward to one of these groups, please contact one of the representatives to speak on your behalf or share your ideas/concerns at the next meeting. In future we will be coordinating report outs on each of the committee meetings and highlight topics/decisions that affect classified employees.


Classified Senate Rep/s

Classified Union Rep/s

Budget Advisory Committee Steve Skille Robert Remeta
Enrollment Management Oversight Committee Debbie Wall and vacant Laura Compian
Facilities Advisory Committee Camille Bolton Tracy Bejarano
Faculty & Staff Equal Opportunity Committee Deatrice Shernell LaTonyua Harden and Sundee Dominguez
Grants Development Advisory Committee Maria Andrade-Hernandez Vacant
Information Technology Advisory Committee Ben Chase Kelly Garcia
Online Education Committee Mark Marano Wendi Lopez
Strategic Plan Oversight Taskforce Angela Fowlkes Sharon McMahon and Sundee Dominguez
Student Success Committee Stephanie Bonales Taylor Kliesen
- Adult Education Subcommittee Jimmie Flowers Cathy Doles
- Equitable Placement & Success Subcommitte NEW and recruiting 2 reps New and recruiting
- Strong Workforce Subcommittee Sean Dominguez Vacant

- Student Equity Subcommittee

Sean Cully Sarah Bowers-Neal and Sundee Dominguez
Viking Pathways Taskforce Teila Robertson and Trelton Spencer Vacant