President’s Cabinet
Executive Leadership Team


LBCC Leadership Team at 2023 College Day

The President’s Cabinet is comprised of the Executive Vice President of Student Services; Vice Presidents of Academic Affairs, Administrative & Business Services, Human Resources, and Economic & Workforce Development & Government Relations; Associate Vice President of Pacific Coast Campus; Chief Innovation Officer; Dean of Institutional Effectiveness; and Executive Director of Public Affairs and Marketing.

Lee Douglas Leadership Headshot

Dr. O. Lee Douglas
Vice President, Academic Affairs
(562) 938-4127
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Areas of Responsibility: Academic Services; Career Education, Applied Technology & Culinary Arts; Business, Education & Health Sciences; Kinesiology, Public Heath & Athletics; Language Arts & Communication; Science, Engineering & Mathematics; Social & Behavioral Sciences; Visual, Performing Arts & Cultural Programs; Online Learning, Educational Technology & Learning Resources
Raymond Chip West Leadership Headshot

Dr. Raymond “Chip” West III
Vice President, Administrative & Business Services
(562) 938-4406 
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Areas of Responsibility: Auxiliary Operations; Bond Management & Capital Construction; Business Support Services; Campus Safety, Environmental Health, & Police; Events Management; Facilities, Operations & Maintenance; Fiscal Services, Student Accounts & Payroll; Information Technology; Legal Services; Parking & Transportation; Purchasing & Procurement
Loy Nashua Leadership Headshot

Loy Nashua, JD
Vice President, Human Resources
(562) 938-4397
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Areas of Responsibility: Human Resources


Dr. Nohel C. Corral Headshot

Dr. Nohel C. Corral
Executive Vice President, Student Services
(562) 938-4140
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Areas of Responsibility: Student Affairs; Counseling & Student Support Services; Student Equity; Enrollment Services; Athletics
Melissa Infusino Leadership Headshot

Melissa Infusino
Interim Vice President, Economic & Workforce Development & Government Affairs
(562) 938-3217
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Areas of Responsibility: Workforce Development; Adult Education Program; Economic Development; Government Affairs
Alisia Kirkwood Leadership Headshot

Dr. Alisia Kirkwood
Associate Vice President, Pacific Coast Campus
(562) 938-3904
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Area of Responsibility: Pacific Coast Campus


Tracy Carmichael's Leadership Headshot

Dr. Tracy Carmichael
Chief Innovation Officer
(562) 938-4123
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Areas of Responsibility: Office of Innovation
Heather Van Volkinburg Leadership Headshot

Dr. Heather Van Volkinburg
Dean, Institutional Effectiveness
(562) 938-4623
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Areas of Responsibility: Institutional Effectiveness; Planning; Accreditation; Resource and Data Analysis; Assessment; Grants
A headshot of Carl Kemp at LBCC

Carl Kemp
Executive Director, Public Affairs & Marketing
(562) 938-5967
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Areas of responsibility: Public relations, marketing, communications, media


Lauren Zale Leadership Headshot

Lauren Zale
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent-President
(562) 938-4122
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Area of Responsibility: Superintendent-President’s Office