Sabbatical FAQs
Financial or contractual questions about a sabbatical leave? Find your answers here.


If I have load-banked hours on my human resources record, can these units be added to my sabbatical leave pay, so that I will receive more than the standard 75% pay for one semester, or 67% for a full year?

Yes. Banked assignments may be used at the unit member’s full contract pay rate in conjunction with a sabbatical leave. However, in no case shall the combination of sabbatical leave pay and banked load compensation exceed the unit member’s regular contract salary. Use of banked leave shall not have a negative effect on a unit member’s eligibility for sabbatical leave. Any combination of banked load and sabbatical leave cannot be used to provide a paid leave greater than one academic year in length.

What is the exact number of TUs needed to bring sabbatical pay up to 100 percent?

You need 3.75 of banked TUs for full pay for a semester sabbatical, and 9.9 TUs (rounded up to 10) for a full-year sabbatical.

If I have a separate business which I normally run and maintain in addition to my full-time assignment, do I need to report those earnings as part of the financial disclosure statement on the sabbatical leave application?

No, it is not necessary to report such business earnings on your forms.

If I receive a grant or fellowship during my sabbatical, would that negatively hurt my application?

Receiving a grant or fellowship would not have a negative impact on an application. However, if one will receive this type of compensation, they must disclose it.

If my sabbatical leave involves the development of a potentially marketable product, do I, or does the District, receive any potential earnings from such a product?

This issue is covered by Administrative Regulation 4008.

Could a person take a sabbatical for the Fall semester without using any load-banked hours, receive 75% pay, and then use the load-banked time to take the Spring semester off and receive full pay?

Yes, a person could do this if they has sufficient load-banked time and approval is obtained through his/her department and administrator.

Could a person work less than 100% for any semester, but at least 50% immediately after taking a sabbatical, and have this time count as a full semester toward the required service time after a sabbatical?

You may work less than 100% after a sabbatical and have the time count as post-sabbatical service, as long as it is at least 50%.

While on sabbatical leave, may I serve as a substitute at the College?

Yes. The terms and conditions regarding employment are outlined in the current collective bargaining agreement (Article VI.Q.3).