Supplemental Instruction FAQs


How does SI work?

A trained SI Leader will facilitate SI study sessions or workshops outside of class. These SI sessions or workshops promote collaboration and other learning techniques in order to guide students through the material presented in class. The sessions are voluntary, anonymous, and free. Students and faculty agree that students earn higher grades as a result of attending SI sessions.

What happens during an SI session?

In a typical SI session, students will compare notes, discuss important concepts, prepare for an upcoming quiz or exam, and develop better study strategies. Often, an SI leader will design an activity or game that is not only fun but also educational. SI sessions are not meant to be substitutes for attending class; rather, they will enhance the material presented by the instructor and give students a chance to digest and apply it. To hear students talk about how SI has helped them, check out this promotional video and visit the International Center for Supplemental Instruction.

What qualifications should an SI leader have?

SI Leaders are students who have demonstrated proficiency in their target course and have previously earned a ”B” or higher in the class to which they are assigned, or they have an established history of success in the subject area. Most are LBCC students, although some are working on B.A. or M.A. degrees at local universities. They are students working hard to accomplish their educational goals. They also attend regular training at LBCC. Faculty members – we encourage you to recommend your outstanding students to be future SI Leaders. To apply, students should submit the Success Center Tutor/SI Application