Taskforce Agendas & Resources


Agendas & Minutes

The following agendas and minutes outline the discussions in creating and integrating the Guided Pathways model into Long Beach City College. In addition to these documents are many resources that help describe the process by which Guided Pathways can help community college and its students achieve success by creating more structured educational experiences.

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What are Guided Pathways?

The project is a broad-based collaboration designed to adapt the national AACC Pathways model to California and lays out the strategies and guidelines for implementing the initiative into the community college system.

LBCC Pathways Design Doc

This design document outlines the general approach Long Beach City College will be taking in implementing the Guided Pathways initiative into our academic processes.

10 Ways Everyone Can Help Support Student Success

A brief infosheet outlining ways colleges can reorganize their support systems to the perspective of the student and improve their success.

10 Ways Faculty Can Support Student Success

A brief infosheet outlining ways faculty can achieve the “Six Success Factors” during the enrollment process.

The Effects of Structured Transfer Pathways

An educational evaluation and policy analysis of structured pathways in the community college system by Baker, Rachel (2016).

Career Ladders Project, Working Toward Guided Pathways

The Career Ladders Project (CLP) fosters educational and career advancement for Californians. CLP works to improve student transition to and success in post-secondary education and high-quality careers, particularly for students from communities historically underserved and underrepresented in post-secondary education.

Why Use Acceleration Strategies?

An outline that explains why acceleration strategies yield powerful results and help improve student transition to post-secondary education.

Restructuring Challenges in Higher Education

An essay on the challenges facing community colleges as they restructure their academic systems using the Guided Pathways model by Mike Rose (June 2016).