Tutoring Tips
Additional tutoring resources

  • Speak with the front desk assistant. They may be able to refer you to other services that may be available.
  • Take advantage of your professor’s office hours.  Meet with your professor to ask questions about notes, lectures and other course content material.
  • Check out free resources online such as Khan AcademyBrilliant.org, or Google for Education.
  • Start your own study group with fellow students in your class.
  • Check to see if Supplemental Instruction is available for your class. 
  • If you are struggling due to test anxiety, difficulty with textbook reading or note taking, check out the resources available in the Student Success Centers.
  • Check out these tutoring training tutorials from Tutor Lingo.  Topics that may be helpful to you include: Developing Critical Thinking Skills, Learning Theories, and Study Skills.