Academic & Transfer Counseling Services


One of the best parts of working with the GO Project is that we offer students the luxury of time. Because our student population is small, appointments are generally easy to make and can last for an hour, rather than the brief 30-minute appointments offered in the Counseling or DSPS Offices.

Academic and transfer counseling begins with educational goal-setting, exploring educational options and opportunities, evaluating educational background, and providing the student with clear, concise and up-to-date educational information of all types.

Counselors are available to help GO Project students choose a program of study in relation to their educational, career, and/or personal objectives.

  • COURSE SELECTION & PLANNING. Counselors are available to assist in helping students select courses that will meet specific areas of interest or goals.
  • TRANSFER PLANNING. Transfer counseling provides students with valuable information on admissions requirements and procedures. Counselors assist students in properly sequencing their classes and provide support in making informed decisions about their transfer options. Long Beach City College offers Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG — guaranteed admission to participating universities). We work closely with the Career and Transfer Centers to support students in researching potential careers and transfer institutions.
  • STUDENT EDUCATIONAL PLANS (SEP). Educational plans are made that include specific courses that will be taken by the student for each subsequent term until their degree objective is obtained. Students must have a major or goal selected and Mathematics and English Assessment Tests completed before making a Student Educational Plan. Please specify that you are requesting a SEP when calling for an appointment.
  • PREVIOUS COURSE EVALUATION. Students with coursework taken at other institutions of higher learning can have this previous work unofficially evaluated regarding degree, certificate, transfer, or prerequisite requirements.
  • ACADEMIC & PROGRESS PROBATION. Students who have attempted at least 12 units at Long Beach City College and who have less than a 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) are placed on Academic Probation. Students who have not completed at least 50% of their enrolled classes are placed on Progress Probation. Students on Academic &/or Progress Probation must see a counselor and complete an “Academic Success Contract” before registering for the next term.
  • ACADEMIC DIFFICULTY. Counselors are available to help students having academic difficulties find assistance that will help them improve their academic performance. Problems may stem from a variety of areas including personal or social. Crisis Counseling and referral are also available.
  • CHOOSING A MAJOR. Students who have not chosen a major or career field or who are considering a change of major or career may see a counselor for assistance.