California Virtual Campus FAQs


How do students find the classes they are looking for? 

Search for CVC Online Courses

  1. Enter your primary California Community College.
  2. Search for the class you would like to take.
    (You can search by keyword, course name, or general education requirement.)
  3. Once your search results are returned, you can filter by term, live seat counts, start date, teaching college, and transferability. 

Which students are eligible to participate in cross-enrollment? 

Read the “Who can register for courses found in CVC Course Finder?” article.

Is a student’s financial aid affected if they enroll in a class at another college? 

All participating Teaching Colleges have signed a Federal Financial Aid agreement. As such CVC Exchange students simultaneously enrolled at both Home and Teaching College may be able to receive federal and state financial aid funds based on combined units taken at both colleges. Eligibility will be determined by the student’s Home College. 

Does a student’s DSPS status automatically transfer to the Teaching College? 

A student’s Disabled Students Program & Services (DSPS) status or accommodations determination will not automatically transfer to the Teaching College. Students using the Exchange will have to apply separately at both colleges to receive DSPS services and classroom accommodations. 

What payment options do students have? Can they enroll in a class without paying? 

  • Pay with credit card: Upon completing registration for a course using CVC Exchange, students will be prompted to pay for the course in full. The current method of payment includes all major credit cards. 
  • California Colleges Promise Grant (CCPG) & Federal Financial Aid: Students may also select their intention to use Federal Financial Aid or apply for a California Promise Grant (CCPG) from the teaching college. 

Regardless of whether state or federal financial aid is granted, students are still responsible for paying for the course at the teaching college or students may risk being dropped from the course for non-payment. 

Do students need to request their Exchange class transcripts be sent to their Home College? 

Students wanting to use the Exchange must consent to have their transcripts automatically shared from the Teaching College to the Home College at the end of the term. The Exchange informed consent statement at the time of enrollment specifies that a student must consent to have their transcripts automatically shared with the Home College. This consent acts as the request for any classes taken through the Exchange. 

Is the California College Promise Grant (CCPG) the same as the California Promise Program at my campus? 

Read the “Can my California Promise Grant (formerly BOG Fee Waiver) be applied towards enrollment fees for classes found in CVC Exchange?” article.

How do students enroll in a course that is not offered at a “Teaching College? 

Students are directed to the college’s CCCApply page and should apply using the regular process. 

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