Mission Statement & Constitution


Mission Statement

The Classified Senate shall represent the classified employees of ‘Long Beach City College’ with regard to governance and decision-making, and on matters that are not related to collective bargaining and contract negotiations and contributions to the campus community and student success.


  • A means through which the classified professionals will coordinate with administration and faculty to provide equitable opportunities for participation in shared governance regarding college and business and classified representation on college and district-wide committees.
  • A body through which the professionalism of classified employees is articulated, valued and respected.
  • Facilitate communication among students, staff, faculty, administrators and the surrounding community.
  • Promote classified staff recognition professional and leadership development opportunities, and encourage positive growth.
  • The Classified Senate will act not as an agent of demands, but as an agent of change. This includes proposing revisions to established practices, as well as recommending the addition of new and/or the deletion of old policies and procedures. 


  • Participate in “participatory (shared) governance” issues on campus. 
  • Be a constituent member and have a voice in campus planning and decision making.
  • Help communicate and facilitate the LBCC Strategic Plan so we can be THE community college students want to attend.
  • Help classified professionals to be more connected to student success, to help improve our FTES to keep LBCC strong and our jobs secure.
  • Ensure the Classified voice is heard and that we share the knowledge back to Classified so all of us are informed if we choose to be.
  • Communicate essential information about college programs and statewide initiatives to members.
  • Advise and participate in Professional Development activities for staff.