Charge, Membership, & Meetings
DPPR Subcommittee Functions & Responsibilities


At LBCC, the Academic Senate delegates authority of curricular matters to the Curriculum Committee. As such, the Committee is responsible for the development, review, renewal, and recommendation of curriculum to be approved by the Board of Trustees.​​

In general, the DPPR Subcommittee is charged to oversee the systematic and routine review of the college’s inventory of programs and engage in meaningful self-evaluation of the effectiveness of these processes. The subcommittee ensures that CTE programs undergo regular Ed Code Review and that Student Learning Outcomes data is used to ensure meaningful actions drive programmatic changes.​​

According to Administrative Procedure 4020, the DPPR subcommittee’s functions include, but are not limited to:​

  • Review all existing programs on a regular basis for appropriateness in meeting the mission, goals, and objectives of the college and make recommendations to the Curriculum Committee.​
  • Annually review and process CTE credentials that are designated for review, known as the Ed Code Review.​
  • Review and recommend changes to instructional program plan/review, supplemental program review template. ​
  • Review and recommend changes to program and school planning procedures.