Employees – How to Access Email in Office 365


As you should be aware your outlook email was migrated into our LBCC Office 365. Please review the following details on how to access your email in Office 365 (O365).

You can access your email at  https://outlook.com/lbcc.edu or at  https://www.lbcc.edu under the navigation “Quick Links”  >> “Office 365“.  Your username will be  youremployeeID@lbcc.edu (for ex: 1234567@lbcc.edu).  View PDF below for a step by step guide.

  • Guide: How to Access Office 365 Email Account
  • Note: If you use O365 at another institution, you may experience login issues using multiple O365 accounts.  Web browsers have a hard time dealing with multiple accounts with O365.  If you have multiple accounts, log into your other O365 account then sign out.  After that, close all the open browser windows.  Go to https://office.com and select “Switch to a different Account”.  From there you can enter your LBCC username, youremployeeID@lbcc.edu, and password.  The best solution is to dedicate a browser for each account such as Chrome for one and Edge for the other.