Employee Benefit Rates
Fiscal Year, 2018-2019


The following amounts are for the 2018-19 blended benefit percentage rates. These rates may change due to health insurance and other benefit rate increases.

Account Code Description Percentage
11XX00 Academic Instructional Salaries 44%
12XX00 Academic Non-Instructional Salaries 44%
13XX00 Academic Hourly Instructional Salaries 22%
14XX00 Academic Hourly Non-Instructional Salaries 22%
21XX00 Classified Non-Instructional Salaries 52%
22XX00 Classified Instructional Salaries 52%
212500 Classified AFT Non-Instructional Salaries <50% 12%
221500 Classified AFT Instructional Salaries <50% 12%
23XX00 Classified Hourly Non-Instructional Salaries 12%
24XX00 Classified Hourly Instructional Salaries 12%