How To Video Guides
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Check out our how-to videos below. Pause to review the information and follow along as needed. For any questions, connect with us in Counseling or Admissions for support.

Getting Started

LBCC Counseling Services

How to View LBCC Webpages in Other Languages

How to Schedule a Counseling Appointment

How to Understand the Mathematics & English Sequence Chart

How to View the Catalog

How to Search for Class Information

How to Look for Student Services

Transcript Evaluation Process



Registration & Schedule Tutorial

How to View Your Registration Appointment

How to Prepare for Your Counseling Appointment

How to Submit a Prerequisite Clearance Form

How to Waitlist for a Class

How to Add Classes with a Permission Number

How to Drop a Course

How to Submit an Overload Petition

How to Access Your Unofficial Transcript

SAP Appeal: Keeping Your Financial Aid


Degrees, Certificates & Transfer

Degree Planner Introduction

How to Schedule a Completions Counseling Appointment

How to View General Education Paths

How to View Associate Degrees & Certificates

How to View Transfer Requirements

Applying for Transfer

How to Order an Official Transcript


Applying for Graduation and Next Steps

Apply for Associate Degree

  • Como Aplicar Para su Asociado

Apply for Associate Degree for Transfer

  • Como Aplicar Para su Associate Degree for Transfer (AD-T)

Apply for Certificate

  • Como Aplicar Para su Certificado

What to Do If You Applied for an Award But Do Not Meet All Requirements