Learning Communities


Learning communities are group-based support services for your educational needs and are a way for students to enroll in one or more courses that are “packaged” together.  These courses are taught by supportive instructors and counselors who work closely with each other and the students to help students develop the confidence and tools they need to succeed.

Currently, LBCC has three primary learning communities on campus: UMOJA, which is a learning community dedicated to enhancing the cultural and educational experiences of African Americans and other students. PUENTE, which is a learning community that helps students to build the skills necessary for success in both academic and career goals while in community college. And MANA, focused on Asian Pacific Islander Desi experiences and resources, this learning community helps students to strengthen their voice while building a strong academic foundation towards meeting students’ educational goals. 

Benefits of a Learning Community

  • Increased Academic & Personal Success - Research shows that participation in learning communities increases student’s academic and personal success.  Learning community students develop supportive relationships with each other, understand more of what they are learning in the classroom, and feel more connected to the campus.
  • Tutoring Assistance - Our programs direct you to tutor assistance and instruction to promote your academic success.
  • Academic, Personal, & Career Counseling - Our caring counselors assist students with educational planning, career exploration, transfer opportunities, and personal counseling.
  • Orientation to Campus Life - Various workshops and events are available to enhance a student’s college experience.  Events may include new student orientation, guest speakers, cultural awareness workshops, social/networking opportunities, and more.
  • Financial Aid & Scholarship Assistance - We offer various workshops or one-on-one counseling sessions to answer any questions students might have about financial aid or scholarships.
  • Counseling Courses - These courses provide students with the tools and strategies to become successful and may include Orientation for College Success (COUNS 1), Career Exploration (COUNS 48), College Study Techniques (COUNS 49), and more.
  • Transfer Workshops & College/University Tours - Our faculty & staff are here to provide students with resources and information about transferring to CSU, UC, & private universities.  College/University tours are also available.
  • Computer Training/Lab Access - Students have access to computer labs on campus to check email, print assignments, or to do research.

Counseling Courses

Long Beach City College offers many counseling courses to help students navigate through college life and offer strategies for academic success.

  • COUNS 1, Orientation for College Success
  • COUNS 2, Making a Difference With Mentoring
  • COUNS 7, College and Professional Success
  • COUNS 48, Career Exploration
  • COUNS 49, College Study Techniques
  • COUNS 49A, College Study Techniques
  • COUNS 50, Career Planning: A Life-Long Process
  • COUNS 800, Employment Skills and Self Concept
  • COUNS 855, Strategies for Academic Success
  • COUNS 898A, EXP: Educational Planning