MANA Program


MANA Program

The MANA Program is dedicated to building cultural and educational experiences for Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi students. MANA helps grounds students to build a strong foundation within their own communities to achieve both their academic and personal goals.


  • Enhance students’ experiences and make connections between courses; campus faculty, administrators, and staff; and classmates through learning communities, social events, conferences, college tours, and student support programming.
  • Weaving together relevant voices, stories, and community experiences, the MANA Program provides support to ensure students reach their educational goals.

Programs and Services

  • Academic student support for Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi students
  • Tutoring
  • Transfer Information
  • Cultural Workshops
  • Financial Aid/Literacy Workshops
  • Mentoring
  • Job opportunities

Getting Involved with the MANA Program

Throughout the year, the MANA Program hosts a variety of events and programs for LBCC students. Those who have applied to be a part of the MANA Program will receive email updates and even given priority consideration for participation in specific events, such as field trips and national conferences. The MANA Program is divided into three tiers of participation, as outlined below. MANA Program members have the option of switching participation tiers at any point during their time at LBCC; to do so, please contact the MANA Program Coordinator.

Tier 1 (Full Participation – Includes Tier 2 & Tier 3)

  • Semesterly education plan review with MANA Counselor
  • Priority admission to the MANA Program events, field trips, and conferences
  • Access to scholarships and other financial resources
  • Participate in leadership retreats
  • Engage in professional development opportunities
  • [Athletics] Assistance with digital marketing profile
  • [Required] Meet with MANA Counselor every semester
  • [Required] Participate in three MANA-sponsored events each year

Tier 2 (Essential Participation – Includes Tier 3)

  • Access to MANA Program Canvas shell
  • Semesterly counseling sessions with MANA Counselor
  • Participate in MANA Learning Community courses
  • [Required] Meet with MANA Counselor once a year
  • [Required] Participate in one MANA-sponsored event per year

Tier 3 (Basic Participation)

  • Ideal engagement level for LBCC staff and faculty, community members, and organizations
  • Included in the MANA Program listserv
  • Access to social media platforms
  • [Optional] Participate in any MANA-sponsored event