Male Success Initiative
Tailored Support for Men of Color

LBCC Male Success Initiative program

LBCC’s Male Success Initiative (MSI) is designed to address the unique needs and challenges of men of color (MOC) by connecting them to existing services, bolstering a sense of belonging and identity, structured mentoring opportunities, and direct student aid. Our mission is to inspire MOC to dream while empowering them to act so that demography (race, socio-economic status, zip code) is no longer destiny. Navigate Onward to Brotherhood, Leadership, and Excellence…Be an MSI NOBLE Scholar!

What We Do

We firmly believe in the infinite potential of every one of our scholars and feel it is our responsibility to express that belief so loudly that it becomes their own.

We couple that belief with concrete actions that address the diverse needs of our students through an eco-systemic approach that addresses the following five domains:

  1. Academic Needs
  2. Non-cognitive Needs
  3. Social Needs
  4. Environmental Needs
  5. Institutional Needs

While we support our scholars in many ways, we have three primary areas of focus:

  1. Engage by connecting scholars to existing college services & resources
  2. Validate and Empower by bolstering a sense of identity, self-efficacy, and connectedness
  3. Relate and Inspire by providing opportunities for structured mentoring

To accommodate the diverse needs and availability of our student population we offer multiple ways to be involved, which we call “Journeys”. Below are the 3 Journeys our MSI offers along with a brief description of services included.

Select Your MSI Journey

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Click here for a PDF of our MSI Flyer.

For more information, message us at

Eligibility Criteria – Prospective Students

Our MSI is designed to assist its students in successfully transitioning to and progressing through their college experience.

In order to be eligible for services, students:

  • Must be enrolled in LBCC courses
  • Must have completed and submitted a FAFSA or Dream Act Application
  • Must self-identify as a male student of color
  • Must maintain a 2.0 GPA
  • Must consistently strive to be the best versions of themselves 

If you meet our eligibility criteria and would like to add your name to our interest list, please click on this link.

Benefits of Participation 

All MSI participants instantly become part of something special and join a family of peers who chose to Navigate Onward to Brotherhood, Leadership, and Excellence.

As NOBLE Scholars, you will benefit from: 

  • Academic & Social Support through case management and progress monitoring 
  • Brotherhood through participation in tailored events, workshops, and student clubs
  • Direct Aid in the form of a $250 Success Grant per semester (Fall/Spring) - Contingent upon level of participation and funding availability
  • Guest speakers that include college, community, and world leaders 
  • Structured Learning Community where you take 2 college courses with a cohort of MSI peers (limited to 28 scholars due to current class caps) 
  • Opportunities for mentoring
  • Networking by connecting with faculty, staff, peers, and community members