Student Equity

We work to foster a sense of belonging, self-exploration, and connectedness so that all students can learn and thrive. 

Long Beach City College commits to fully acknowledging the systemic barriers that have created inequities in all areas of the institution to then enact focused and intentional efforts. Further, we strive to make substantial progress towards closing equity gaps, removing institutional barriers, and providing a more welcoming, inclusive, and supportive environment for students of all backgrounds including, but not limited to Black & African American, Latinx, Asian Pacific Islander Desi, Indigenous, Undocumented, Dreamers, formerly incarcerated or systems impacted, foster youth, LGBTQIA+, and students with disabilities among others.

Student Equity Programs

Long Beach City College aims to create and sustain an inclusive culture that enables students to thrive. The programs within Student Equity contribute to this goal through advocacy, partnership, community building, resources, services, and support. Together, we promote learning by engaging students through culturally responsive practices to create a welcoming and affirming campus culture.