Maritime Center Training Programs
Short-term intensive training programs for Logistics


Supply Chain Customer Service

Ideal for Customer Service Representative Positions

Teaches students how to exceed customer expectations and develop skills needed in a successful supply chain and logistics career path. Students will learn general knowledge of supply chain and material flow, team building and conflict resolution skills, basic Kaizen (continuous improvement) principles, and more.  

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Supervisory Goods Management

Ideal for Warehouse & Distribution Supervisor Positions

Helps prepare current workers with entry-level experience in warehouse/distribution for supervisory roles. Students will learn the difference between warehouses and distribution centers and how they work together, as well as gain an understanding of material flow, inventory management, value-added services, first-time supervisory skills, and more.

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Foundational Logistics

Ideal for Logistics Specialist Positions

Focuses on logistics from the warehouse and drayage perspective, and will help prepare students for specialist, analyst, and entry-level operations positions in the logistics sector. Students will gain a general understanding of the supply chain and logistics, learn about and be exposed to related technology and software, and learn industry terminology.

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Intermediary Logistics

Ideal for Logistics Manager Positions

Designed for people currently working in the industry in positions such as logistics specialists, operations coordinators, and analysts. It will prepare students for positions such as logistics manager and will cover first-time supervisory skills, basic forecasting and projections, Kaizen, cost analysis and budgeting, and more.

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Supervisory Transportation Operations

Ideal for Supervisory Transportation Operations Positions

Designed for current industry workers who want to advance into a supervisory role. This course includes driver and time management, vehicle and driver safety, compliance, port, and terminal operations, federal and state regulations, first-time supervisory skills, and more. Ideal for truck drivers who want to shift into operations, or dispatchers who want to move up.

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Dispatching for Logistics

Ideal for Dispatcher/Dispatch Coordinator Positions

Covers the introductory skills to become a dispatcher/dispatch coordinator. The course includes routing, scheduling, regulations, and interpersonal and conflict management skills. Students will also gain a general understanding of logistics, the supply chain, and the basics of drayage operations.

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International Transportation & U.S. Customs Clearance Procedures

Designed to contain valuable knowledge for all levels – beginners, as well as those with some experience in the field. This course takes an in-depth approach to train students on the “must-haves” of global logistics, including ocean and air transportation components/processes, calculation of shipping costs, and import/export documentation, as well as classification and valuation of goods for U.S. Customs clearance. The skills developed in this course will prepare students for positions such as import compliance specialist, ocean contract administrator, break bulk coordinator, and more.

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