Native American & Indigenous Heritage Support & Programs
Programs and Services for Native American & Indigenous Students at LBCC

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Education is always a familial journey, and we want everyone to find a sense of family right here at LBCC. We provide a variety of support services and programs designed to enhance the experience of all, while embracing and honoring cultural identity. Here you will find a variety of programs and services for First Nations and Native American students at LBCC.

Male Success Initiative

The LBCC Male Success Initiative is designed to address the unique needs and challenges of men of color. Our mission is to inspire young men to dream while empowering them to act so that demography is no longer destiny. Our model consists of 3 explicit foci: connecting students to resources/services, bolstering a sense of identity and self-efficacy, and providing structured mentoring opportunities. By addressing the multiple dimensions of our students’ needs (academic, non-cognitive, social, environmental) we strive to engage, validate, empower, relate, and inspire every student every day!