Non-Instructional Department Planning/Review


Non-instructional department planning and review occurs for all Administrative and Business Services, Student Services, and non-instructional Academic Affairs Departments each fall. Through this process, each department establishes and monitors long-term department goals through the evaluation of service unit outcomes and progress on identified goal-related activities. Resources are requested to accomplish the goals. Plans are due to the Director of Planning during each fall term in alignment with the Planning and Budget Timeline established by the College Planning Council.

Resources for Department Planning/Review

The following documents are resources to support your department in completing the annual department plan/review. Please contact Jennifer Holmgren, Director of Planning if you have any questions about the department plan/review.

Resource Request Guidance – This document provides clarification on what resources should and should not be included in your department plan/review resource request list.

Reflections and Progress Updates Examples  – This document provides examples on how to respond to questions about making progress on each goal in the department plan/review template. Since departments may have made progress on some goals/activities since the prior year, but may not have made progress on other goals/activities because they require resources that may have just been funded, or may not have been funded during the previous planning cycle, this document will help you craft responses to this section for each goal.