College-wide Plans


LBCC strategic plan 2016-2022

LBCC Strategic Plan 2016-2022

Board of Trustees’ goals for 2014-2016

Board of Trustees Goals for 2014-2016

Superintendent-President’s 24-month agenda 2012-2014

Superintendent-President's 24-Month Agenda 2012-2014

Annual Institutional Priorities

Annual Institutional Priorities – planning

Annually, the College Planning Committee (CPC) develops institutional priorities as part of the planning process, drawing from and supporting the department, school and VP plans. The Institutional Priorities are recommended to the Superintendent-President and are also used by the Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) to help develop Budget Assumptions for the following year.

Institutional Priority for 2017-18

In alignment with the strategic plan goals:

  • Innovate to achieve equitable student success
  • Accelerate college readiness
  • Build community
  • Invest in people and support structures for transformation

The College will primarily focus on:

  • Creating guided pathways and roadmaps
  • Maintaining fiscal viability
  • Expanding our profile with in the community to enhance enrollment
  • Supporting equitable student success through innovation

Institutional Priority for 2017-18

Institutional priorities for previous years


Self-Evaluation Report 2014

LBCC Accreditation

You may view or download the Self Evaluation Report in its entirety or by sections:

LBCC Self Evaluation Report 2014 – complete report

Introductory Sections
Responses to Recommendations from 2008 External Evaluation Report

Standard I – Institutional Mission and Effectiveness

Standard I.A - Mission
Standard I.B - Improving Institutional Effectiveness

Standard II – Student Learning Programs and Services

Standard II.A - Instructional Programs
Standard II.B - Student Support Services
Standard II.C - Library and Learning Support Services

Standard III – Resources

Standard III.A - Human Resources
Standard III.B - Physical Resources
Standard III.C - Technology Resources
Standard III.D - Financial Resources

Standard IV – Leadership and Governance

Standard IV.A - Decision-Making Roles and Processes
Standard IV.B - Board and Administrative Organization
Appendix A - Actionable Improvement Plans for 2014-2020

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