Preparing Your Financial Documentation
Information on the financial documentation needed for admission


When preparing your documentation for admission, please note that both the US Government and Long Beach City College require submitted documents to be no more than three months old.

NOTE: All funds must be from a Checking or Savings account. Certificates of Deposit may only be accepted when the maturity date is on or before the program start date. All other types of accounts will not be accepted.
  1. We cannot discuss financial documents with sponsors or students. Our decision will be made after evaluating the documents with care and thought. To the best of our ability, we try to see the documents as if we were US consuls so that when you go to apply for your visa, you will not have difficulty because of insufficient or unclear financial documentation.
  2. Business Owner/Sponsor. The income of a company is not the income of the owner of the business and cannot be accepted as proof of income. You must provide an official statement of the salary paid to the owner/sponsor along with a bank letter indicating the amount available in the sponsor’s personal account. If the sponsor is the owner of the company, the sponsor’s bank or business accountant should write the salary letter.
  3. We cannot accept letters from banks or anyone else saying that a sponsor has enough money to support a student. When a sponsor wishes to keep his bank balance or income private, the bank can provide official documents saying that the current account balance exceeds the amount required to verify that the amount is clearly sufficient.
  4. US Citizen/Permanent Resident Family Sponsors. Each sponsor must submit an Affidavit of Sponsor Form stating exactly how much is to be provided to the student. All questions on the affidavit must be answered. Affidavits must be signed by the sponsor in the presence of a notary public, the notary public must sign, and the official seal of the notary public must be on the affidavit. Affidavits that have been changed in any way will be rejected unless each change has been signed by both the sponsor and the notary.
  5. Sponsors should not promise too much money. Some sponsors believe that the more money they promise, the more likely we are to say “yes.” A common cause for rejection of documents is that we do not believe the sponsor can afford to give as much as promised. You should promise only what you intend to give and should give only as much as you can afford.
  6. Do not send fax copies. The original Bank letter and sponsor affidavits must be scanned in PDF form and emailed to our office.
  7. It is okay to have more than one sponsor providing support as long as the sum of all the affidavits and bank statements show that there is sufficient money available to support the student. We do not care how many sponsors there are, whether or not they are U.S. citizens, or where they live. It is usually easier to get an F1 visa when at least part of a student’s support comes from outside the US. However, the sponsor MUST be related to the student. Friends and fiancés cannot be sponsors.
  8. Students can sponsor themselves, either partly or in full. No affidavit is needed for a student’s own money. Recent bank statements in the student’s name must be provided, and statements from at least a year earlier to show us that the money was not borrowed and recently deposited.
  9. Scholarships may be used to qualify for Form I-20. We must have an award letter from the private or government scholarship board stating how much money is to be given to the student per year. Student sponsored by the UA Embassy must provide a Financial Guarantee.
  10. Free room and board is worth more than half of the dollar amount to support a student for a year. When a family member or friend near the school gives a student a free place to live or free meals, the student needs far less cash from other sponsors. Affidavits of Free Room and Board must be submitted with your application. The address must be within 10 miles from LBCC to qualify.