RE: ITS Security Reminder, Phishing
August 29, 2016


Dear Colleagues,

As each semester begins, LBCCD experiences a rise in the number of cybersecurity-related events. Phishing is a major component of fraudulent cyber-related activity and has already shown itself today in the form of the following.

Although this appears to be legitimate because of the sender’s UC.EDU account, when hovering over the “view message” link, you can plainly see that the intent is to direct a user to a Brazilian website. The address above should be a major clue as to its lack of integrity.

This is a reminder that we must continuously make informed decisions when dealing with email. On that note, when you have a moment, please review the information on how to recognize phishing email messages.

ITS would be remiss if it did not remind you to make sure to keep your network/e-mail password to yourself. LBCC policy 6006 specifically prohibits the sharing of account information. No one, not even ITS, should ask for it. If anyone asks for your password, please report it to  ITS Help Desk so ITS can reiterate this policy.