RE: Surplus Computer Equipment
October 10, 2017


Dear Colleagues,

In order to prevent a potential chain-of-custody failure that could ultimately end in the theft of District property, the process detailed in the Long Beach City College Purchasing Manual, Disposition of Surplus Materials, is to be followed by everyone, including ITS.

Although the following focuses on surplus electronic equipment such as computers, hard drives, monitors, printers, etc., any transfer of equipment from ITS to another department must follow this process unless otherwise stipulated by the Warehouse.

For example, ITS may be in a position to donate surplus equipment to instructors or lab personnel for instructional purposes. Although this is an excellent and beneficial use of surplus equipment, ITS cannot transfer equipment directly to personnel outside of ITS. What ITS can do is assist the instructor and Warehouse in defining the equipment to be transferred, and help coordinate that effort via the defined process.

Likewise, any physical donations of personal property to the District must go through a similar process as defined in the Purchasing Manual. For example, if a non-employee, staff, or faculty member wishes to donate personal property such as a computer or printer, the same process must be adhered to.

As seemingly innocuous as the act of donating something like a laptop appears, without following proper protocol, that well-intentioned act could easily turn into an opportunity to commit fraud where it (along with someone’s personal information) might end up for sale on a popular website.

If you have any questions about this advisory, please contact the ITS Help Desk.