Safe Computing & Cyber Security
Learn how to stay safe online!

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As a student at LBCC, you will be using various forms of technology. It is important that you keep yourself safe from possible threats. Keep the following in mind and practice safe computing!

Password Security

Knowing how to create a strong password and keeping it safe it essential. Here are a few thins to keep in mind.

  • Never share your password with anyone.  
  • Create a complex password that you can remember and is unique to you. Passphrases are recommended when possible. For example: I love 2 walk in the rain in May! 
  • Create different passwords for different applications. 
  • Update your password from time to time. 
  • Don’t forget to log out! Leaving your account open is just as dangerous as providing your password. Take time to make sure you’re fully logged out of online application.
  • Test the strength of your password! LastPass, a leading password manager vendor, provides a secure utility to test the strength of your password as well as suggestions for improving its strength. Click here to try out LastPass. 

Phishing  & Scam Attempts

What is a phishing attempt?  This can come in various forms, but in general, this is when a hacker attempts to disguise their email to look like a legitimate message to trick you to click on a link or open an attachment that may ask for your personal information. 

What to be aware of:

  • A hacker asking for your confidential information or credentials.
  • Hackers often threaten immediate penalties for not following their instructions. Or, provide an attempt with a scenario that sounds too good to be true.
  • Hackers my ask you to click on a link or have you reply to an email address that is not legitimate. 
  • Take time to consider if an email is legitimate. When in doubt, reach out. Report a Phish: If you receive and email that seems suspicious to you, report it by forwarding it to:
  • Accidentally clicked on something? Don’t panic. But it’s time reset your password. You can do that in your Viking Portal. Additionally, reach out to the Student Technology Help Desk team.

Back up Your Files

It’s a great idea to back up your files in the event your data in the event something takes place. 

Consider the 3-2-1 Back Up Rule!

  • Keep at least 3 copies of your data.
  • Store 2 backup copies on different devices for storage.
  • Keep at least 1 copy offsite (meaning somewhere outside of your local area such as the cloud).

Office 365 is available to all students at LBCC, which comes with a OneDrive to save your data. To learn more, check out our help guides.

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