SSC Membership
Current Committee Members



  • Academic Senate President co-chair (or designee)
  • Vice President co-chair (as designated by President’s Cabinet)
  • Faculty and administrators from each of the subcommittees who have leadership responsibilities for Student Equity and Achievement Program, Student Equity, Strong Workforce, Adult Education, Online Education Committee, Guided Pathways, and Equitable Placement and Success (AB 705)
  • Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
  • Director of Planning
  • Guided Pathways Coordinator
  • Curriculum Committee Chair
  • Faculty Professional Development Coordinator
  • Classified Staff (AFT)
    • Student Services (1)
    • Learning and Academic Resources (1)
  • Classified Senate Representative
  • Adjunct Faculty (1)
  • Faculty at-large (2)
  • Associated Student Body representatives (2)


  • Department Plan/Program Review Subcommittee Chair
  • Student Learning Outcomes Coordinator(s)
  • Economic and Workforce Development Representative
  • Enrollment Management Oversight Committee co-chairs
  • Dean of Academic Affairs
  • Director of College Promise
  • Associate Vice President, Pacific Coast Campus