SSC Membership
Current Committee Members



  • Academic Senate President co-chair (or designee)
  • Vice President co-chair (as designated by President’s Cabinet)
  • Faculty and administrators from each of the subcommittees who have leadership responsibilities for: Student Equity and Achievement Program, Student Equity, Strong Workforce, Adult Education, Online Education Committee, Guided Pathways, and AB 705
  • Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
  • Director of Planning
  • Guided Pathways Coordinator
  • Curriculum Committee Chair
  • Faculty Professional Development Coordinator
  • Classified Staff (AFT)
    • Student Services (1)
    • Learning and Academic Resources (1)
  • Classified Senate Representative
  • Adjunct Faculty (1)
  • Faculty at-large (2)
  • Associated Student Body representatives (2)


  • Department Plan/Program Review Subcommittee Chair
  • Student Learning Outcomes Coordinator(s)
  • College Advancement and Economic Development Representative
  • Enrollment Management Oversight Committee co-chairs
  • Dean of Academic Affairs

Appointed faculty serve a three-year term limit that is renewable for a second term. Appointed classified staff by the Classified Senate serve a two-year term limit that is renewable for a second term.