Tips for Success
 8-Week Course Success Tips


Be prepared and build better study habits

  • Read the course syllabus before or on your first day of class in case you have any comments or concerns. 
  • Create a master calendar which can help you pay closer attention to assignments with specific deadlines. 
  • Learn to set aside uninterrupted time every week to complete assignments and keep up with your school work. The sooner you receive an assignment, the sooner you should complete it in order to feel less overwhelmed. 
  • Organize your materials ahead of time in order to fit each of your class requirements.

Build relationships and communicate with others

  • Take advantage of your instructor’s office hours. Reach out through phone or email for help. 
  • Communicate as early as possible with your instructors and your counselors if life circumstances are getting in the way of your academics. 
  • Ask questions early about any major assignments. Don’t wait until the last minute to ask for help. 
  • Build relationships with other students and instructors early in the class, so you can feel more comfortable and confident throughout the eight weeks

Be aware of your schedule

  • Balancing your schedule is important to be successful! Make sure to consider your workload and avoid taking more than three classes in an 8-week term which equals taking around five classes in a 16-week semester. 
  • Meeting with a counselor is very important. Make sure to meet with a counselor to develop an educational plan that fits your life and goals.

Watch the Youtube video for the 8 Week Course Success Tips:

(Program Video: 8-week Course Success Tips)