Tutoring Policies & Procedures
What to expect when making a tutoring appointment


Policies & Procedures

  • To make an appointment for an online tutoring session please call or email the center you would like to make an appointment with.  
  • Appointments are ~45 minutes in length. Students receiving DSPS accommodations may request up to 60 minute appointments.
  • After making your appointment, you will receive an email with a Zoom link to access your tutoring session.
  • If you need to cancel, please call or send us an email as soon as you can.  This will allow us to open the slot for other students.
  • Students are permitted to make up to 5 appointments per week.
    • You cannot book more than one appointment for the same course in the day but may sign up for additional “walk-in” sessions if available.  Just call the tutoring center or send an email to request additional sessions.
  • Tutoring sessions are recorded for quality control and training purposes only.

Preparing for your session

  • Bring any materials that will help you and your tutors, such as your textbook, syllabus, notes, handouts, and current assignments.
  • Make a list of questions you have about the material or need clarification on after reading your textbooks and reviewing your class notes.  Highlight areas you want to review with your tutor.
  • Students utilizing LBCC services are expected to follow online etiquette protocols.  This includes tutoring services. Please be mindful of the content on your computer screen, including tabs and bookmarks, when engaging in services where screen sharing is necessary for your tutoring experience.   Students who engage in inappropriate behavior, such as screen sharing inappropriate or offensive material, or content that is not directly related to the services being provided, will be asked to remove the offending content or end the support service session. For more information, please refer to the Netiquette Guidelines for Online Students.

During your session

  • Ask for tips on how to study for the class and actively take part in the session.  Once you have worked through the material with the tutor, do a practice problem on your own and explain your understanding to the tutor.
  • Your tutor can help clarify parts of the lecture or text, assist in solving problems, and work with you to find the answers.  Your tutor cannot help with take-home exams.