Viking Advantage

LBCC Commencement 2018

    Viking Advantage is a first-year experience program for any first-time college student enrolled in 12 or more units per semester. It focuses on offering transitional support for incoming students including a summer transition program, enrollment in a first-year college success course, and registration assistance. Viking Advantage is centered on removing obstacles so that students can achieve their academic goals. To promote academic success, Viking Advantage students receive one year of free tuition, priority registration, and a Student Success Network to answer academic questions and offer support in navigating college.

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    Eligibility for Viking Advantage

    • Be first-time college students.
    • Enroll in 12 units or more per semester.
    • Apply to FAFSA or CA Dream Act.
    • Complete the participation agreement (In order to receive priority registration for Fall 2023 you must submit your participation agreement by 4/25/23. The final deadline for the Fall 2023 incoming cohort is 8/31/23).
    • Must be a CA resident.
    • Viking Advantage admits students in the Fall semester only.

    Benefits of Viking Advantage

    • First-year tuition-free at LBCC.
    • Priority registration for Fall and Spring semester.
    • Participation in the Viking Summer Voyage – a FREE two-week summer bridge program that will help you transition to LBCC.
    • Access to a LBCC Student Success Network of academic coaches, mentors, and counselors who will support your student academic success.
    • Enrollment in a first year college success course.
    • Assistance during your second year at LBCC that will be focused on career development and mentoring.

    How to Apply for Viking Advantage?

    You can complete and submit the student participation agreement within your Viking Student System.

    1. Go to
    2. Hover over Quicklinks.
    3. Select Viking Student Login.
    4. Enter your log-in credentials.
    5. Once logged in, go to your Student Center page
    6. Under LBCC Important Information you will see a link to Participation Agreement.
    7. Select Participation Agreement and click View.
    8. Read and submit the agreement.

    Comparison Chart

      Viking Advantage LB College Promise
    1st Year Free × ×
    2nd Year Free   ×
    1st Year
    (Experience Programming)
    × ×
    2nd Year
    (Career Development & Mentoring)
    × ×
    Priority Registration for Fall & Spring Semesters × ×
    Transfer Admissions Pathways to Specific Majors at CSULB   ×
    Dual Advisement & Future Student Benefits w/ CSULB   ×
    Open to All First-Time/Full-Time College Students ×  
    Open to LBUSD Students Who Enroll Full-time   ×
    CA Resident × ×
    All students must sign the agreement to their program in order to participate.