Zoom Cloud Recordings: Removal 6/30/21 & 120 Day Policy


Hello, LBCC Colleagues:

We hope this email finds you having a great spring semester.

Please read this important message pertaining to an upcoming LBCC TechConnect Zoom cloud storage space policy. 

In an effort to maintain enough space in our local LBCC TechConnect Zoom cloud storage, which is provided to us by the Chancellor’s Office (TechConnect), the following will occur as recommended by the Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC).

  1. Since our current cloud storage in TechConnect Zoom is well beyond our allowed limit, on June 30, 2021 all Zoom cloud storage will be cleared out to provide space for new recordings. What does this mean? All recordings in your LBCC Zoom cloud storage will be removed. Between now and June 30, 2021, you will want to determine which recordings you would like to download and save, and which you don’t mind losing (test recordings for example).
  2. Starting July 1, 2021 all cloud Zoom recordings will be deleted 120 days after the recording is made.  
    1. Note that Zoom holds recordings for 30 days prior to permanently deleting. While it is best to not depend on this, it is a safety net in the event you want to restore a recording to download.

Many of you may already save your recordings locally or via a non-Zoom cloud service. If you are not already doing this, don’t worry, you have options available to you to consider using going forward.

  • You can save recordings to your local device.
  • You can save recordings to Office 365 (all colleagues have an account located in Viking Portal).
  • You can save recordings for live streaming purposes using cloud services such as 3CMedia (offered by CCC TechConnect), MS Streams (via LBCC Office 365), or YouTube.
    • Note if you are uploading recordings to Canvas, it is advised you use a streaming service to post rather than uploading an MP4 as they take up too much of the allotted space in Canvas.

How to Download Cloud Recordings
To download your cloud recordings locally, log into LBCC TechConnect Zoom > click on My Recordings > Find the title you want to download > Click Download Files. A help guide with visuals can be found here. A help video can be found here.

Tip: Going forward, keep in mind that cloud recording space in LBCC Zoom is short-term. You might consider setting a time that works for you each month to download your videos to stay within the 120 day window.

Have questions? Need a little support with this?

For all Colleagues – General LBCC TechConnect Zoom Questions: Please contact our IITS Faculty & Staff Help Desk Team
Email: helpdesk@lbcc.edu
Phone: (562) 938-4357

For Faculty – Canvas TechConnect Zoom Questions: Please Contact our Online Learning & Educational Technology (OLET) Team
Email: olet@lbcc.edu
Phone: (562) 938-4357 (connect with OLET team)