Zoom Update: Live Ai Transcripts (subtitles) – Now available!


Hello, LBCC Colleagues:

 We hope this email finds everyone having a great 2021 so far.

Great news! Effective immediately, all licensed LBCC TechConnect Zoom accounts now have the option to turn on live Ai transcripts (subtitles) for your meetings/classes.

 Live Ai Transcripts in LBCC TechConnect Zoom: How does it work?

Action: You will have one step to do in your LBCC TechConnect Zoom account prior to accessing this feature. You will need to turn on Audio Transcript in your Recording Settings. 

Help Guide: Here you can find an IITS help guide to support you with this step and to learn about this feature.

A Note from DSPS: In many cases, accurate transcripts can serve as a reasonable alternative to a note taking accommodation. For more information or questions, connect with the DSPS Office.

 While we are on the subject of LBCC TechConnect Zoom – here are a few other important updates & reminders:

As a friendly reminder, in December 2020, LBCC migrated to a local sub-account. You can learn more about that migration here. With that migration came a new TechConnect Zoom interface in Canvas. If you are using TechConnect Zoom in Canvas, you can find support & information on that here.

It is important to keep your LBCC TechConnect Zoom up-to-date. Some updates happen automatically, but others may require you to execute the update. Keeping your Zoom up-to-date assures you get the latest tools, security features, and best performance. If you want to learn more, visit Zoom for the latest. If you have an LBCC device and need an update, please reach out to the IITS Faculty & Staff Help Desk for support.

LBCC TechConnect Zoom URL is: https://lbcc-edu.zoom.us/ It can also be found in your Viking Portal. 

Need a licensed account? If you are an LBCC employee, please email the helpdesk@lbcc.edu to request one.


For all Colleagues – General LBCC TechConnect Zoom Questions: Please contact our IITS Faculty & Staff Help Desk Team
Email: helpdesk@lbcc.edu
Phone: (562) 938-4357

For Faculty – Canvas TechConnect Zoom Questions: Please Contact our OLET Team
Email: olet@lbcc.edu
Phone: (562) 938-4357 (connect with OLET team)

Questions regarding DSPS & Live Transcripts in Zoom
Email: dsps-staff@lbcc.edu
Phone: (562) 938-4558

Thank you,

Instructional & Information Technology Services (IITS)

Web: www.lbcc.edu/iits 

Phone: (562) 938-4357

Email: helpdesk@lbcc.edu  

IITS Ticket System: https://ticketsystem.lbcc.edu/

Don’t be a victim of phishing!
No one, not even IITS, should ask for your password. If any email or person asks for your password, please report it to helpdesk@lbcc.edu