Vanessa Crispin-Peralta
Co-Dept. Head & Professor - History, Political Science & Ethnic Studies

Contact LAC, T-2340
LBCC  Vanessa Crispin-Peralta Headshot

I am so happy to be teaching at LBCC. My love of history was born in my local community college, so I feel like it is such a privilege to be able to do the same for my students. I am passionate about all things history, but I am especially interested in women’s history and early America. I have attended and taught at almost every type of higher education institution in California, so I am very familiar with how things work. I have an A.A. from Moorpark College, a B.A. from CSU Chico, and a Master’s and PhD from UC Santa Barbara.

If you have any questions about the transfer process or what it will be like after you transfer, I am happy to help. Finally, I think it is important for students to know that I am a pop culture fanatic. If you ever want to come talk about Star Wars or the latest episode of your favorite show, please stop by! I’m always happy to talk about fun stuff!