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Milo Alvarez
Associate Professor, History

Milo M. Alvarez was born in East Los Angeles, California and raised in Alhambra.  He earned a B.A. from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) in History, with a minor in Chicano Studies, and an M.A. in History from University of California, Riverside, with an emphasis is United States and Native American History.  Currently, he is a Doctoral Candidate in U.S. and Mexican American History at UCLA. 

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SuShuan Chen
Associate Professor, History & Ethnic Studies

LBCC professor SuShuan Chen's headshot

I teach a variety of historical subjects at LBCC including U.S. history, Asian history, world history, and American pluralism/ethnic studies. Prior to joining the history faculty at LBCC, I worked at a museum and taught at UC San Diego. I received my B.A. degree in Asian Studies from Pomona College and completed my M.A. and Ph.D. at UC San Diego in the field of Ethnic Studies (the study of race and ethnicity in the United States).

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Vanessa Crispin-Peralta
Associate Professor, History

LBCC  Vanessa Crispin-Peralta Headshot

I am so happy to be teaching at LBCC. My love of history was born in my local community college, so I feel like it is such a privilege to be able to do the same for my students. I am passionate about all things history, but I am especially interested in women’s history and early America. I have attended and taught at almost every type of higher education institution in California, so I am very familiar with how things work. I have an A.A. from Moorpark College, a B.A. from CSU Chico, and a Master’s and PhD from UC Santa Barbara.

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Sean Dinces
Associate Professor, History

LBCC Professor Sean Dinces headshot

I teach American history here at LBCC and was trained in graduate school as an urban historian (someone who focuses on the historical growth and development of cities). In my classes, instead of focusing just on “great men” (presidents, generals, business executives, etc.), we spend much of our time looking at workers, women, immigrants, people of color, soldiers in the trenches, and non-conformists.

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Donald Douglas
Professor, Political Science

LBCC Professor Donald Douglas' Headshot

Professor Donald Kent Douglas joined the Department of History & Political Science at Long Beach City College in Fall 2000. A specialist in international relations theory and comparative politics, he earned his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and his B.A. from the California State University, Fresno. He teaches Introduction to American Government, Comparative Government, and World Politics at LBCC.

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Gilbert Estrada
Associate Professor, History & Ethnic Studies

LBCC Professor Gilbert Estrada's Headshot

Dr. Estrada is an Associate Professor of History. He attended LBCC and later earned a BA and MA from CSU Long Beach. In 2011, he earned his Ph.D. in History from the University of Southern California. An urban historian, Dr. Estrada has spent twenty years researching the evolution of cities from Mesoamerican civic centers to contemporary global metropolises. He has published over a hundred articles on multiple platforms and gives frequent talks to academic and civic audiences.

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Emad Faltas
Associate Professor, History

LBCC Emad Faltas Headshot

Professor Faltas is a native Egyptian/African where he was born and lived most of his life. His early education focused on the history of Africa and the Middle East, while his university studies focused on classical civilizations and Egyptology. He earned his B.A. in Classical Studies from the University of Heliopolis, Ain Shams, Egypt; then he traveled to Italy to do postgraduate studies in Italian Language and Literature from the University of Perugia, Italy.

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Eugene Goss
Professor, Political Science

LBCC Professor Eugene Goss' Headshot

Professor Goss has taught at LBCC since 1991 and has been a tenured Full Professor since 1996. In addition to his teaching responsibilities over the years, he has served as History and Political Science Department Head, Technology Committee Chair, President of the LBCC Faculty Association, and Founder of and Faculty Advisor to the Political Science Student Association. Professor Goss also serves on the City Council of the City of Sierra Madre, and served as Mayor of Sierra Madre in 2016/2017. In 2018, he was re-elected and now serves as Mayor Pro Tempore.

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Mary Marki
Professor, History

LBCC Mary Marki Headshot

Professor Marki attended Golden West College and then transferred to CSU Fullerton where she completed her BA and MA in History. She continued to study history, language and culture in Switzerland at the Instituto Cultura Italiana and in South America at the Universidad de Vina del Mar in Chile. She also spent a year in Thailand where she taught Western Civilization courses at ABAC University. After five years abroad, she returned to Southern California and began her career teaching at Long Beach City College.

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Elisabeth Orr
Dean, Social Sciences & Arts

LBCC Elisabeth Orr Headshot

Lisa has been Dean of the Social Sciences and Arts since 2017. The School of Social Sciences and Arts includes four departments: History, Political Science & Ethnic Studies; the Social Sciences department, Performing Arts, and the Visual and Media Arts department. Prior to becoming dean, Lisa was a faculty member for nearly twenty years in History and taught U.S. history including the recent U.S., Women’s History, Race and Ethnicity, and History of the Americas. 

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Laura Pellegrini
Professor, Political Science

Dr. Pellegrini is an alumni of LBCC & has been teaching here for 21 years.  She holds a Ph.D., MA, and MPA from USC.  She has worked in all levels of government, and all branches of government, including seven years in Washington DC.  She is a graduate of the Presidential Management Program.

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Franklin Perez
Assistant Professor, Ethnic Studies

LBCC Professor Frank Perez' headshot

Frank was born and raised in Southern California and is a first-generation college student. He attended Mt. San Jacinto College, CSU Los Angeles, CSU, Fullerton, and is finishing a Ph.D. in Ethnic Studies at UC, Riverside. Frank holds a Bachelors in Sociology: Law and Society and Master’s degrees in Sociology and in Ethnic Studies. His dissertation “Why We Need Ethnic Studies IE” examines the qualitative experiences and academic outcomes of Students of Color who complete ethnic studies courses.

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Paul Savoie
Professor, Political Science

LBCC Professor Paul Savoie's Headshot

Paul Savoie has been teaching in the Department of History, Political Science and Ethnic Studies at LBCC since 1996.  During that time, Paul has taught a wide variety of courses in political science and social science disciplines and has served as a faculty advisor to the Political Science Student Association and other student organizations. He has also served as Coordinator of the LBCC Honors Program and has created and coordinated previously-existing programs at LBCC involving elementary school teacher preparation and community-based learning.

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