LBCC Summer Support Centers


Get ready for LBCC Summer!

Success Centers offer summer session help for your students: tutoring, workshops, DLAs, computer/internet, library, basic skills and more!

Date Times Location Support Center Phone Number
6/13-8/21 Mon-Thurs, 8am-7pm LAC L-251 Academic Computer Center 562-938-4854
6/13-8/21 Mon-Thurs, 7am-6pm LAC L Building, 1st Floor Library 562-938-4231



Mon-Wed, 10:30am-5pm
Tues/Thurs, 10:30am-6pm

Mon-Thurs, 10:30am-5pm

LAC V-163 Math Success Center 562-938-4228
6/19-8/9 Mon-Thurs, 10am-5pm LAC L-212 Multidisciplinary Success Center 562-938-4699
6/19-8/9 Mon-Thurs, 10am-4pm LAC L-212 Tutoring & SI Center 562-938-4474
6/18-7/26 Mon-Thurs, 10am-6pm LAC E-09L Writing & Reading Success Center 562-938-4520
Date Time Location Support Center Phone Number
6/13-8/21 Mon-Thurs, 7am-4pm PCC LL-122 Academic Computer Center 562-938-3049
6/13-8/21 Mon-Thurs, 7am-6pm PCC LL Building 1st Floor Library 562-938-3029



Mon-Thurs, 10:30am-6pm

Mon-Thurs, 10:30am-4:30pm

PCC EE-206 Multidisciplinary Success Center* 562-938-3991

*Includes math, writing, reading, tutoring and supplemental instruction at PCC

Registration for the Summer 2018 session begins May 7th, 2018.

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