ME 1st is open to all students. It is a community that offers exciting and rewarding learning opportunities for students through culturally-relevant curriculum and programming focused on Math and English identity and experience. The community’s instructors, counselors, and support services staff will help students overcome academic, personal, and financial barriers.


ME 1st seeks to promote student retention and success through an 8-week curriculum in the core college-level courses and support students with completing their degree requirements, transferring to 4-year universities, and other educational goals


  • Accelerated GEs 
  • Increase Math & English Identity
  • Tutoring
  • Transfer Information
  • Social Events & Field Trips
  • Free Books, Supplies, & Swag
  • Personalized Support
  • Leadership Development
  • Mentoring
  • Workshops
  • Networking/Career Opportunities

How Does It Work? 

Students will take STATISTICS 1 and/or ENGLISH 1 in an 8-week format that links the courses in a variety of ways to help them meet general education requirements as a cohort with supportive faculty. Courses will emphasize themed Math and English social phenomena that explore both constructive and damaging social trends.

ME1st Stats I (Enrigue)

COURSE 1st or 2nd 8-wks CRN
STAT 1 – Elementary Statistics 1st   33414
STAT 1 – Elementary Statistics 2nd 33415

 ME1st English (Francois)

COURSE 1st or 2nd 8-wks CRN
ENGL 1 – Reading & Composition 1st   33139
ENGL 1 – Reading & Composition 2nd 33142
NOTE: Enrollment in the ME 1st Learning Community is open to all students in any campus learning community. Additionally, any interested student who has taken one of the courses included in the learning community can still join. 

Why a Math & English Learning Community?

Math and English may seem opposed, but they go very well together. The processes for understanding the concepts behind mathematics are highly conceptual and abstract, something that actually joins together very well with the abstract and critical thinking skills that are required for English. In addition, the written and verbal communication skills that English students learn are hugely helpful to math students because it allows students to clearly and easily communicate mathematical concepts and ideas.

Helpful Resources


For more information on the Math & English Learning Community and its benefits, please contact ME 1st Co-coordinators: or