Degree Planner FAQs


What is Degree Planner

Degree Planner is an interactive planning tool that helps students map out courses to complete their educational goals, college degree, and graduate on time. Degree Planner highlights the required courses by placing them into fall and spring semesters. Winter and summer terms are blank since they are optional, but classes can also be added.  

Can I change my Degree Planner?

Students can move courses around. If a course requires a prerequisite, a warning message appears. Students can also adjust the number of units per semester, review locked Ed Plans, and see open classes during the registration period. Students can also add notes to specific course requirements or add a note for the semester. Students cannot change their major or degree. Students wishing to update their major should meet with a counselor or submit a “Change of Major and Catalog Year Form” with Admissions & Records.

What degrees are in Degree Planner?

Degree Planner has 31 active Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT) with the CSU GE Breadth (Plan B) or IGETC Pattern (Plan C) general education breadth. Additional AA/AS degrees will be added.       

What if a student has a major or degree path not available on Degree Planner?

The degrees available in Degree Planner are the most common among LBCC students. Additional degrees will be added, and students should work with counseling to track their progress.  Undecided students who want to change their degree or major objective should meet with a counselor for assistance. Degree Planner might not be available to students who stopped attending and may need to reapply to LBCC and become active and enroll in classes.  

Where can you find Degree Planner?

Degree Planner is accessible through the Viking Portal by selecting Select ‘Viking Student System’. From here, select the Student Services tile to access Degree Planner.  The Degree Planner link appears in the navigation pane under My Degree Planner. From here, students can begin exploring their coursework.

Can part-time students use Degree Planner?

Yes, of course. The default setting is for students to take an average of 15 units per semester. Some roadmaps have more units for the fall and spring semesters, but that is not always reasonable since every student is different. Part-time students can decrease the semester units, and requirements will automatically move to future terms. Classes can be locked to prevent them from moving around.

How does Degree Planner work?

Degree Planner provides a semester-by-semester view to minimizing graduation time. Students can adjust the semester units to manage academic work and outside responsibilities. As courses are completed, Degree Planner displays unmet requirements–changing the number of semester units re-prioritizes remaining terms with those degree requirements. 

If you completed college courses, AP exams, or have military credit outside of LBCC, send official copies to Admissions & Records. If you sent your transcripts, but your courses are not reflecting on Degree Planner, meet with a counselor to review your progress. 

How will students know when their degree has been completed?  

Students must submit a graduation application with Admission & Records if they want to earn their degree. The graduation application is generally filed during the student’s last semester at LBCC. For assistance with graduation filing deadlines, visit the completion website.