Receiving Your Degree or Certificate
Learn how and when to apply for graduation

LBCC students graduating.

While you may have completed all the units towards your degree or certificate, you must still formally apply to receive it and have it credited to your Viking Student Account. The following instructions will walk you through the steps needed to apply for your degree through the Viking Student System.

  1. Log into the Viking Student System. You can access the system directly or by going through the QUICKLINKS menu at the top of any page on the website.
  2. Once you are logged in, under Degree & Certificate Application, click on Create New Application.
  3. Please note that students are required to meet with a counselor to obtain a Comprehensive Education Plan before applying for a degree. Please make an appointment through the Counseling Dept. or your special programs counselor in DSPS, CalWorks, EOPS, or Veterans Services.

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Applying for Graduation

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