Educational Plan


Educational Plan
(Degree Planner)

Graduating on time is a top priority at Long Beach City College. Educational Plan (Degree Planner) is an online tool allowing students to map their entire academic path with a pre-populated roadmap. Each degree path contains a sequence of courses that can be adjusted by the student or counselor.

Key Features of the Educational Plan (Degree Planner)

  • Educational Plan (Degree Planner) reviews current progress, and updates in real-time based on registration, course completions, and transfer credits.
  • Students and counselors can customize Educational Plan (Degree Planner), including the number of units planned each semester.
  • Educational Plan (Degree Planner) has course selection options with drag-and-drop functionality so courses can be re-arranged to meet student needs.
  • Educational Plan (Degree Planner) adjusts automatically as courses are completed every semester, and allows students to enroll in courses with minimal clicks.
Educational Plan (Degree Planner) should not be used as a replacement for academic counseling nor does it replace the LBCC Catalog. The Educational Plan (Degree Planner) audit is not an academic transcript or official notification of degree completion. Students should check their Educational Plan (Degree Planner) and meet with counseling on a regular basis to graduate on time.


How To Use your Educational Plan (Degree Planner)