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Event and Filming Services


Event and Filming Services support outdoor and multi-purpose room setups at the Liberal Arts Campus (LAC) and Pacific Coast Campus (PCC). Below are some helpful rules and tips to make the request process more efficient and transparent.

25Live & LBCC Ticket System

  • Entries are required to be entered no later than 14 business days prior to your date.
  • Complete and upload Set-up Request Form to 25Live.
  • Entries shall include the duration you are using the room. This includes setup, event and breakdown time.
  • Please check room limitations prior to adding entry to 25Live.  
  • Please check calendar for space to ensure there are 2 hours between bookings to allow us to flip the room setup.  
  • Cancel all 25Live entries if event or meeting is cancelled.  
  • Any requests for canopies that exceed 15 tents, please email Jay Lopez and Joanna Smith to check calendar prior to entering into 25Live.  
  • Do not use room if not entered into 25Live.  
  • Please use contact persons cell phone.  
  • Indicate if food will be served.  
  • DON’T FORGET to toggle “Facilities set-up/support required?” to “Yes” to show on our calendar.  

The link below will direct you to the 25Live training page. The page includes a walkthrough on how to book a room via 25Live.

25Live College Calendar and Training Materials


  • Our department does not provide linens. 
  • Classroom furniture cannot be removed from classroom.  
  • We do not plan, coordinate, or decorate your event. 
  • Please use blue painters tape to tape items to walls, doors or windows.  
  • Indicate length for pipe and drape requests. 
  • We reserve the right to not provide canopies due to inclement weather.  
  • Departments should purchase canopies for semester long use.  
  • Requests for Multi-media shall be entered by the requestor. We do not enter a ticket for District Departments. Please click on the link below to submit your request through LBCC Ticket System.   

LBCC Multi-Media Ticket System

Multi-Purpose Room Maps


T-1200 Blank
T-1200 Round Seating Setup


W-201 Blank
W-201 Classroom Training Tables Setup
W-201 U-Shape Tables Setup
W-201 Round Seating Setup


GG-238 Blank
GG-238 Training Tables Setup
GG-238 Round Seating Setup

Training Videos