Incident Reporting
Information Security Procedure


Information Security Procedures (ISPR) provide formal methods for which Information Security Regulations, Standards, and Best Practices are conducted.

Reporting both actual and suspected information security incidents helps limit the damage, time, and costs associated with recovery. Furthermore, incident reporting helps the District enforce and strengthen security policies, procedures, and contingency plans as well as maintain regulatory compliance.

What is an Information Security Incident?

A security incident is an occurrence that actually or potentially jeopardizes the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of an information system or the information the system processes, stores, or transmits or that constitutes a violation or imminent threat of violation of security policies, security procedures, or acceptable use policies (NIST).


  • Unauthorized access or changes to, or use or destruction of systems, software, or data
  • Unauthorized disclosure of data
  • Interference or subversion of systems
  • Loss or theft of equipment or systems storing institutional data
  • Violation of a security policy whereby any of the above may occur
  • Compromised user accounts
  • Denial of service attacks
  • Ransomware

What To Do if You Suspect a Phishing Attack

If you suspect that you have received a phishing email, please follow the reporting procedure at

What To Do if You Suspect Your Computer Is Infected

  1. Stop using the device immediately.
  2. Do not power down the device. The device may contain important information for a forensics team.
  3. Unplug the device from the network or disconnect it from Wi-Fi.  Infected systems are often used to infect others on the same network.
  4. Follow the How to Report an Incident section below.

How to Report an Incident

In order to effectively mitigate a security-related incident, it is important to include as much information as you can.

What to Include in an Incident Report

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Department
  • Telephone number
  • Description of the information security problem
  • Date and time the problem was first noticed (if possible)
  • Any other known resources affected

Where to Report an Incident

Important: if you have an emergency that would normally require police assistance, please contact Campus Safety at (562) 938-4910.