Policies, Regulations, Standards, Best Practices, and Procedures

Long Beach City College’s information technology resources are subject to the district’s Board Policies, Administrative Regulations, Information Security Standards, Best Practices, and Procedures as well as all applicable Federal, State, and local laws.

Information Standards, Best Practices, and Procedures build one upon the other to create an integrated approach to managing the requirements set forth in Board Policy and Administrative Regulations.

Users of District information resources found to have violated Administrative Regulations may be subject to disciplinary action (Administrative Regulation 6006).

The following documents are posted for ease of reference.

Board Policy and Administrative Regulations

Information Security Standards (ISS)

Designed to support and enforce Administrative Regulations, Standards are baseline directives that can be linked directly to industry-recognized security frameworks.

Information Security Best Practices (ISBP)

Designed to augment Standards, Best Practices are industry-recognized methods and techniques that produce superior results to commonly accepted alternatives.

Information Security Procedures (ISPR)

Procedures are the formal methods by which Regulations, Standards, or Best Practices are conducted.

Compliance and Privacy


Exceptions to information security requisites (regulations, standards, etc.) shall be granted only when (1) such a requirement imposes an undue burden on a specific business process, and (2) compensating controls of equitable protection can be provided. 


Protect your password

Administration Regulation 6006 specifically prohibits the sharing of login credentials. Never provide your password to anyone: not your coworker, not your boss, not ITS.


Don’t be a victim of phishing!

Forward all suspicious emails to Report a Phish. No one, not even ITS, should ask for your password or send emails or texts soliciting you to log in with your account. If someone does, they are phishing. If you do give your password to someone, immediately change it in the Viking Portal.