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History Student Club

LBCC History Student Club members having dinner at a restaurant

The History Club brings the subject of History to life through organizing historical talks, presentations, museum visits, movie nights, and travel opportunities. Students majoring in History will benefit from University visits, transfer advice, transfer events held at local universities like Cal State Long Beach and UC Irvine, as well as mentoring by LBCC History faculty.

Many LBCC History Instructors also organize field trips to supplement in-class instruction. These trips have included visits to the Bowers Museum, Getty Museum, the Richard Nixon Library, and many others.

LBCC Viking Engagement – History Student Club


Feminist Club

two LBCC students sitting at the Feminist Student Club booth table recruiting for new members

Feminist Club presents an inclusive and intersectional, student-centered space to engage in the big questions around us today. The club provides a space to talk and process our thoughts, but also get involved in our communities and beyond.

LBCC Viking Engagement – Feminist Club

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Local History Resources

Long Beach Historical Society

Long Beach Historical Society Logo
The Long Beach Historical Society connects people to the past and to the place they live by collecting, preserving, and exhibiting the material history of Long Beach. Its programs and services help develop an inclusive community narrative that gives residents a greater understanding of their role in the story of their neighborhood and their city. The HSLB serves as an important resource for groups and individuals including preservationists, architects, historians, artists, filmmakers, authors, journalists, educators, researchers, students, policymakers, genealogists and the community at large.


Port of Long Beach Historical Publications

Port of Long Beach Historical Publications Logo
The Port’s Harbor Highlights, Interport, Interchange and other magazines and publications feature stories on day-to-day Port activities, photos—many in color —of important events and guests, and the Port’s annual reports, which show how trade, cargo and revenue developed since the mid-20th century. You’ll also find documents covering the history of the Port by pier, going back to 1909, and a Project History of the Port from 1970 to 2002.


Long Beach Library Special Collections

Long Beach Public Library logo
The Long Beach Public Library houses several unique special collections and archives relating to the history of Long Beach and its people. Whether you are doing historical or genealogy research, you are sure to find something interesting and useful in these collections.


Rancho Los Alamitos Historic Site

Rancho Los Alamitos LogoRancho Los Alamitos, the “Ranch of the Little Cottonwoods,” is a Long Beach City Landmark and is twice listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Rancho has a continuous history of habitation that stretches back for more than 1500 years and reflects the many people who have called it home – from the first people, the Tongva, to the Spanish and Mexican colonists, right up to the Yankee farmers of the mid-twentieth century. The 7½-acre site includes four acres of nationally significant historic gardens, a ranch house (1790-1933), and a restored barnyard of the early 20th-century working ranch.


Rancho Los Cerritos Historic Site

Rancho Los Cerritos LogoThe historic Rancho Los Cerritos building dates from prior to 1844 when John Temple constructed a single-story ranch building after marrying an heir of the Nieto family, the original recipients of the land grant in 1784. The mission of Rancho Los Cerritos Historic Site is to restore and preserve the ranch house structure and grounds; collect appropriate resources; and interpret the relationship of the Rancho’s diverse peoples, from the period before Spanish settlement when Native Americans controlled the land, through the development of the Long Beach area, to the present day. This is accomplished through a broad spectrum of educational programs, exhibits, and publications designed to provide local residents, students, and other visitors with an understanding of the forces that shaped this region.



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