Course Routine Review


The Course Outline of Record is a legal document, which establishes liability for the College. The College has established a 6-year Routine Course Review cycle that all adopted courses must follow. The Office of Academic Services publishes a list of courses that are due for review during the summer that is distributed to Department Heads at the beginning of each academic year.

Faculty authors are assigned by Department Heads and they will work with assigned peer reviewers from the Committee on Curriculum and Instruction to complete the review. Peer Reviewers must be members of the CCI and are appointed by the Chair of the CCI and Chair of the Course Evaluation Subcommittee, in consultation with the Academic Senate President.

Faculty authors should complete their initial draft no later than November 30. Peer reviewers will provide feedback and work with faculty authors to finalize the course outline by April 30. A Memo of Completion will be sent by the peer reviewer to indicate that the course has been reviewed and successfully updated. Any changes to the “Face Page” of the Course Outline of Record will require that a “Course Modification Form” be submitted to the Course Evaluation Subcommittee for review and approval.

Faculty authors will review all aspects of the course outline and will consider the following recommendations:

  • Check the requisites to make sure that they are accurate and necessary.
  • Update the textbook to ensure that the publication date is within the last five year (or, if not, provide a rationale).
  • Update the content and catalog description, if necessary, to reflect current language and standards in the field.
  • Check that the assignments and methods of evaluation reflect what is happening in the class.
  • Ensure that the student learning outcomes and objectives are evident throughout the course outline.
  • Ensure that lecture courses (or the lecture portion of a course) has evidence of homework hours (1 lecture hour requires 2 hours of outside of class homework).
  • Check that the prescribed methods of instruction are clear and informative.
  • Ensure that the course is in the appropriate band.
  • Check that any desired C-ID approvals or articulation agreements are still intact.

Also, faculty authors are asked to examine Tableau dashboards as they consider modifications to the course. During the review process, be sure to visit Summary Dashboard 02 (Course Success) and Summary Dashboard 07 (SLOs) in order to evaluate the data associated with the course and determine areas that need attention. Keep in mind that adjustments to pedagogy may not require a change to the course outline but this is the appropriate time to make changes that might improve student success and achievement of outcomes.

Faculty authors are encouraged to incorporate strategies that they have learned in any of the professional development activities associated with closing equity gaps (Cultural Curriculum Audit, Flex opportunities, webinars etc.).