Emergency Aid
Emergency Assistance for Students


The Emergency Aid team aims to help students who are requesting one-time emergency resources to minimize the impact of a short-term, unforeseen, emergency that can negatively impact their educational path at LBCC. This application will be used to make determinations about emergency resource requests. Examples of need include housing resources, direct aid, food, transportation, technology loan program, and wellness needs. LBCC provides the following types of support for students who fall in this category: Direct Cash Aid, Food Assistance, Technology Loans, Housing Referrals, Mental Health Support.


Eligibility Criteria: Application will be reviewed on a rolling basis for currently enrolled students. 

Process Information: Depending on what you requested in your emergency application, you will receive separate email alerts from Student Equity (technology), Basic Needs (food/housing/transportation), Financial Aid (direct aid), and Student Health Services (mental health). Please note, direct aid (Financial Aid) typically takes longer to hear back from, if you have not heard back regarding aid please feel free to contact Financial Aid.