EOPS Eligibility & How to Apply?


Apply to LBCC and EOPS to get financial support for college education


  • Be a California resident or an eligible AB540 student/California “Dreamer”
  • Be enrolled full-time (12 units or more) or have a ¾ waiver for a reduced unit load (9 – 11.5 units)
*Please note that DSPS students are exempt from this requirement with a current “Reduced unit load” letter from their DSPS counselor and all Next Up students are exempt from this requirement. 
  • Have a completed FASFA or CA Dream Act application on file (no pending documents)*
  • Qualify to receive the California College Promise Grant (Formerly BOG Fee Waiver), A and B or C if EFC = 0*  
  • Have less than 55 degree-applicable units completed* 
  • Meet educationally disadvantaged criteria determined by the EOPS Program
  • Students must submit transcripts if they attended another college 
*Exemptions may apply for NextUp eligible students. 


STEP 1 – Complete the LBCC Application for Admission 

Find enrollment steps on how to apply for LBCC Admission on the Get Started page.

Apply to LBCC

STEP 2 – Complete & Submit Financial Aid Application (FASFA or CA Dream Act)

Visit Applying for Financial Aid to get support for submitting FASFA or CA Dream Act Application. 

STEP 3 – Complete EOPS Application

Once Financial Aid has determined eligibility, you will be invited to apply through your Viking Student System.

Click here for instructions on how to find the EOPS application.

STEP 4 – Submit Additional Documentation Requested

Submit any additional documentation requested (Transcripts, DSPS letter, ¾ waiver, etc.)  

STEP 5 – Check Emails for Notification

Once EOPS application and all documentation are submitted. EOPS will process your application and notify you by email if you have been accepted to the program. 


*If you are unable to find the EOPS application on your portal, call the EOPS office at (562) 938-4273.