Meet Your Counselors
A list of counselors by school or program


The counselors at Long Beach City College are assigned to each of the major schools and can provide students with specific guidance based on their major or career goal.


Schools/Program Counselor Location
Learning & Academic Resources Elijah Sims LAC
Library Sara Blasetti LAC
Undecided Blanca Garcia LAC
Undecided Debra Peterson LAC
Undecided Jeri Florence PCC

Career & Technical Education

Schools/Program Counselor Location
Career & Technical Education Alicia Andujo LAC
Career & Technical Education Cathy Fernandez LAC
Career & Technical Education Dewayne Sheaffer LAC
Career & Technical Education Elijah Sims LAC
Career & Technical Education Donna Le Duff PCC
Career & Technical Education Diana Ogimachi PCC

Health, Science & Mathematics

Schools/Program Counselor Location
Health, Science & Mathematics Lorraine Blouin LAC
Health, Science & Mathematics Michael Hubbard LAC
Health, Science & Mathematics Lisa Liken LAC
Health, Science & Mathematics Millie Zepeda PCC
Health, Science & Mathematics Vidal Vargas PCC
Kinesiology & Athletics Roarke O‚ÄôLeary LAC

Language Arts & Communication

Schools/Program Counselor Location
Language Arts & Communication Philip Huerta LAC
Language Arts & Communication Ralph Meza PCC

Social Science & Arts

Schools/Program Counselor Location
Social Science & Arts Sara Blasetti LAC
Social Science & Arts Erainia Freeman LAC
Social Science & Arts Javier Villasenor LAC
Social Science & Arts Kenna Hillman PCC
Social Science & Arts Ann Marie Nunag PCC
Social Science & Arts Sofia Beas PCC

Child Development & Educational Studies

Schools/Program Counselor Location
Child Development & Educational Studies Tom To PCC
Child Development & Educational Studies Diana Ogimachi PCC
Child Development & Educational Studies Alicia Andujo LAC
Child Development & Educational Studies Lorraine Bloun LAC