Meet Your Counselors


CAPs (Career and Academic Pathways)

The counselors at Long Beach City College are assigned to CAP and can provide students with specific guidance based on their major or career goals.

Arts, Language & Communication

Lani Golay (LAC, Full-time)
Ralph Meza (PCC, Full-time)

Arthur Lara (Adjunct)
Ivy Truong (Adjunct)

Business, Management & Entrepreneurship

Blanca Galicia (LAC, Full-time)
Sofia Beas (PCC, Full-time)
Stephanie Arroyo (PCC, Full-time)

Mireya Milian (Adjunct)
Thi Nguyen (Adjunct)

Science, Health & Technology

Anthony Hayes (LAC, Full-time)
Cathy Fernandez (LAC, Full-time)
Lisa Liken (LAC, Full-time)
Michael Hubbard (LAC, Full-time)
Vidal Vargas (PCC, Full-time)

Donelle Johnson (Adjunct)
Vanessa Figueroa (Adjunct)

Society & Education

Lani Golay (LAC, Full-time)
Tamieka Hunter (LAC, Full-time)
Tom To (PCC, Full-time)

Cristina Freeborn (Adjunct)
Cyndy Garcia (Adjunct)
Janet Jones (Adjunct)

Trades & Service Industry

Alicia Andujo (LAC, Full-time)
Monica Sin (PCC, Full-time)

Candace Meehan (Adjunct)
Christie Vega (Adjunct)
Genola Thomas (Adjunct)

To find out which Career & Academic Pathway your program belongs to, click on the CAP icons under  Explore LBCC Programs .


Academic Recovery Team (Probation Counselors)

Daisy Oliver (Adjunct)
Nigel Leos (Adjunct)
Nancy Mendez-Vega (Adjunct)
Genola Thomas (Adjunct)


Anthony Hayes (Full-time)
Roarke O’Leary (Full-time)


Lisa Roper (Full-time)

Janette Morales (Adjunct)
Sergio Alcala (Adjunct)

Career Counseling

Blanca Galicia (Full-time)
Dr. Ann-Marie Nunag (Full-time Counselor/Career Coordinator)

Allison Upstill (Adjunct)
Dr. Brenda Galvez (Adjunct)
Jorge Rios (Adjunct)
Luiz Shon (Adjunct)
Mariah Glenn (Adjunct)
Mimi Ly (Adjunct)
Stephanie Martinez (Adjunct)

Completion Counseling

Dr. Ann-Marie Nunag (Full-time)
Judy Oh (Full-time)
Monica Sin (Full-time)

Cyndy Garcia (Adjunct)
Denise Torres (Adjunct)
Diana Ramirez (Adjunct)
Julie Yanez (Adjunct)
Lisa Blod (Adjunct)
Marianne Allen (Adjunct)
Mireya Graciano (Adjunct)
Nicole Winborne (Adjunct)
Olivia Gonzalez (Adjunct)
Sheila Bedworth (Adjunct)


Robert Olmos (Full-time)

Jesse Arias (Adjunct)

DREAM Services

Jose Gutierrez (Full-time)

Dennis Funes (Adjunct)
Maria Baaz Medina (Dream)


Dan Hansch (Full-time)
DeVon Scott (Full-time)
Eric Borin (Full-time)
Shauna Hagemann (Full-time)
Tep Thoeurb (Full-time)
Veronica Njoku-Carter (Full-time)

Bernadette Gonzalez (Adjunct)
Ciara Calsita (Adjunct)
Susanna Abadzhyan (Adjunct)

Early College Initiative/Dual Enrollment Counseling

Lorraine Blouin (Full-time Counselor/Interim Matriculation Coordinator)

David Bruhl (Adjunct)
Stephanie Martinez (Adjunct)


Andreina Lucero (Full-time)
Connie Jackson (Full-time)
Cristina Gutierrez (Full-time)
Lisa Roper (Full-time)
Dr. Phyllis Hall (Full-time)
Yolanda Padilla (Full-time)

Melissa Keith (Adjunct)


First-Year Experience Counseling

Dr. Laura Marin (Full-time)
Hayarpi Nersisyan (Full-time)

Aimee (Adriana) Vaquera (Adjunct)
Arleen Acosta (Adjunct)
Ericka Gutierrez (Adjunct)
Maryam Afshari (Adjunct)
Melana DiPiazza (Adjunct)
Richard Alvarez (Adjunct)
Rosemary Vilchis (Adjunct)
Samantha Adams (Adjunct)
Tenia Penn (Adjunct)
Vivian Barrera (Adjunct)
Zakee Neblett (Adjunct)

Guardian Scholars Counseling

Andreina Lucero (Full-time)

Melissa Keith (Adjunct)

Honors Counseling

Cristina Gutierrez (Full-time)
Hayarpi Nersisyan (Full-time)

International Student Counseling

Judy Oh (Full-time)

Justice Scholars


Male Success Initiative Counseling 

Jorge Rios (Adjunct)
Lionel Gonzalez (Adjunct)


Kare’l Lokeni (Adjunct)

Next Up

Cristina Gutierrez (Full-time)

Melissa Keith (Adjunct)

Phoenix Scholars



Vidal Vargas (Full-time)


Reengagement Counseling

Amna Siddiqui1 (Adjunct)
Brandon Douglas (Adjunct)
Britten Dickey (Adjunct)
Christina Rivas Mulcahy (Adjunct)
Giselle Magdaleno (Adjunct)
Jeannine Sagusay (Adjunct) 
Joan Lee (Adjunct)
Mary Catipon (Adjunct)
Mia Tabayoyong (Adjunct)
Monica Preciado (Adjunct)
Nancy Mendez-Vega (Adjunct)

Student Success Teams

Alice Hernandez (Adjunct)
Chardanay Crowder (Adjunct)


Katharine Lampert (Adjunct)

Transfer Center

Ruben Page (Full Time Counselor/Transfer center coordinator)


Chrishaad Moye (Full-time)

Chanae Wami (Adjunct)

Veterans Affairs Counseling

Michael Hubbard (Full-time)

Danielle Bejarano (Adjunct)
Krysten Gonzalez (Adjunct)

Welcome Center Counseling

Lorraine Blouin (Full-time Counselor/Interim Matriculation Coordinator)

Charles Dequeant (Adjunct)
Mathew Apelu (Adjunct)
Sa Lisa Thomas (Adjunct)
Yesenia Lopez (Adjunct)