Mental Health Information
What is mental health?

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Welcome to Mental Health Services (MHS). Our program is designed to serve LBCC students experiencing stress, sadness, or other emotional difficulties such as grief and loss, self-image or identity, relationship difficulties, and more. These struggles can interfere with a student’s performance or ability to function effectively in social, academic, and work settings. As a currently enrolled student, you have paid a student health fee that provides you with free individual therapy sessions during a regular semester, based on clinical need.

So, what is mental health? Let’s talk about it! Mental health includes our overall functioning and wellbeing: emotional, psychological, and social. When we are intentional to prioritize our mental health, our overall functioning can improve. Many students discover they can function more effectively in relationships, to perform more successfully in their classes, improve in sports, and have better balance work-school-life demands when they have improved mental health.

Want to know more?

Websites or articles you may find helpful about mental health

Resources with specific information on things you can do to nurture or support your mental health

To schedule an appointment for any of our services, please call or visit the Student Health Services

Appointment Cancellations, Arriving Late, and No-Shows


Making a commitment to take care of yourself is hard work and has the greatest chance of success when you keep your appointments. As a courtesy, you will receive an email reminder or text 24 hours ahead of your scheduled time. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please contact us with 24 hours’ notice and we will be happy to reschedule you for the next available time. Same day cancellations are considered “No Shows.” The phone number to call is (562) 938-3987.

Late Arrivals

If you are late for an appointment, your clinician will be happy to see you for the remainder of your time. Due to the demand for our services, we will not be able to accommodate you beyond your scheduled time.

No Shows

When you miss an appointment without proper notice, it prevents our clinicians from helping other students who also need our services. As a result, a “No Show” for a scheduled appointment will reduce your total number of sessions. For example, if you miss your first session, your total number of sessions will be reduced to five instead of six sessions. If you are a “No Show” for your second session, then the clinician will interpret this to mean you are no longer interested in our services and you will be taken off the client schedule. If you find you need our services in the future, we will be happy to assist you.